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Behind the Trowels decorative concrete training series is meant to help educate those in the concrete industry in becoming the best they can be in their field. Our very simple system requires just a three step process to benefit from the expertise and knowledge you'll gain from our online training instructors. All that's needed is account and payment information, then you're ready to attend the webinar at the date and time it's scheduled. That's all!

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With our Online Training sessions, you'll learn new skills that will keep you at the cutting edge of the decorative concrete industry.

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An extremely simple-to-use system ensures you'll dive right in: no tinkering required.


Our data & payment system is built on proven, reliable, and secure web technology.


Learn from the best, to become the best: knowledge & support from top industry pros.


Learn at your desk, at the pool, or in your easychair: No Travel, Low Costs, No Headaches


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Behind the Trowels keeps a very simple pricing structure. Once you're signed up and paid up, just log on using your credentials at the date and time of the training and you're ready to learn! Did you miss a live webinar and want to buy a recorded version to train on your own time? No problem, visit our BTT SHOP

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  • Keefe Duhon

    Keefe Duhon is owner of Concrete Revolution. Keefe is from New Iberia, LA where he creates decorative concrete finishes that rival the best in the world for customers’ homes. Keefe believes that the floors you walk on should be art; art that is specific to his clients’ personalities and visuals that are truly one-of-a-kind and can’t be easily replicated. Keefe’s knowledge of flooring applications include: stains, epoxies, overlays, countertops, fireplaces, vertical walls and much more. Keefe’s knowledge extends well beyond common concrete finishing applications.

  • Bob Harris

    Bob Harris is a name that is known worldwide in the concrete industry. As the author of four guides that have sold over 37,000 copies worldwide, and the creator of several instructional DVD’s that are best sellers as well, Bob has made a name for himself in the world of decorative concrete training. His knowledge of overlays, stamping tools (developed by Bob himself), coatings, and color systems make him an extraordinary trainer and tome of knowledge in the world of decorative concrete techniques, products, tools and more.

  • Igore Turovskiy

    Igor Turovskiy grew up in Belarus, immersed in natural and architectural beauty. His surroundings influenced his artistic interests at a very young age and spakred his career as a graphic artist. In 1992, he moved to America and opened his own graphic design studio. Several year later, he has found his niche in the world of abstract art. The pieces are created with mixtures of metallic mica pigments and fluid acrylics. Employing the viscous effects of epoxy resin, the fluid motion of mixtures is frozen in time. Emotion is conveyed in the pieces through the use of nuance layers and the organic flow of the resin.


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